Resene Eco Decorator

Cleaning up

One area in which we take great pride in is cleaning up after ourselves. It is one area about which we receive many kind comments from happy customers.

We are an inaugural Hamilton member of the Resene EcoDecorator scheme, which proves our commitment to keeping your, and the general environment as clean as possible.

From the Resene Website

"Sustainable decorating is more than just choosing an Environmental Choice approved paint. It is also making sure that it is applied in an environmentally responsible manner following sustainable principles.

Resene has for many years actively improved the sustainability of our products and systems, and to help you choose a sustainable painting contractor with confidence we've developed the Resene Eco.Decorator programme.

The Resene Eco.Decorator programme has been designed to recognise a nationwide network of environmentally responsible, quality focussed painting contractors. Painting contractors can choose to undergo assessment for the Resene Eco.Decorator programme, which includes assessments of principles in practice, sustainable work practices, waste management, project plans and project sign off processes. Only contractors who successfully meet these standards can promote themselves as an authentic Resene Eco.Decorator"

Visit for more information about the scheme.